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Morales Craft

Morales Craft is a company located in the historic center of Toledo, city declared a World Heritage Site in 1986. It's located in a prominent area, in Plaza del Conde 3rd, near of the Santo Tome church where the famous Greco's picture "El entierro del Conde de Orgaz" is.

With over 50 years old, Morales Craft is known for its expertise in the marketing of craft products like the 24k gold damascene, the antique swords and others prestigious handicrafts products of Toledo. Also porcelain figures of the famous brand LLADRÓ.

Now, the company starts a new specialization with the sale of Damascus steel knives, globally recognized as the best steel of the world. At the same time, this way is connected with the tradition of the best forgemen and swords makers of Toledo.

Thereby, Morales Craft continues the work of these masters to commercialize high quality knives based on those steels that gave prestige to the Toledo swords. The special technique in the steel forge makes this knife an excellent product, with an edge almost eternal and high hardness and resistance. All this adds up to the unique beauty of the blade, formed by those drawings with windings lines, wich are the basis of its quality.

In this way, Morales Craft goes a step further in this direction, being an exponent of the Toledo crafts and a reference in the city.