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Arabescato Series

The Arabescato series
is sonamed for the
resemblance between
the blade design of the
damask steel and the
veins of the marble
mined in Carrara.

 MG 6671
 MG 6638
 MG 7227 1

 MG 7239
 MG 6662
 MG 6698
 MG 6647

 It’s a set of classic design
 with Pakkawood handle
 and blade of VG-10 steel
 with 67 layers of high quality and resistance.
 With a perpetual edge
 and a very precise cut,
 the variety of models
 and sizes, either
 individually or in packs of
 several pieces, it involves
 prestigious cutlery with
 a high aesthetic value,
 precisely because it
 evokes the Arabescato

 MG 6652
 MG 6703
 MG 6807

 MG 6788
 MG 6778