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Dune Series

 MG 6602
 MG 6632The Dune series knives are manufactured by using the technique of damask steel with 67 layers of steel and a straight handle, made of a very resistant material called Micarta. On the other hand, the pieces are sharpened by hand, taking advantage of cold quenching and obtaining the highest degree of hardness, a perfect cut and a cutting edge highly durable.



 MG 6609
 MG 6618
 MG 6678
 MG 6620 MG 6627

 MG 6692
 MG 6709 MG 6773 MG 6725 MG 6728

 MG 6751
 MG 6735
 MG 6741 MG 5774


The range of the Dune knives is very large, with different models and sizes, all shaping an ideal set for an ideal kitchen.

The pieces of the Dune series are available individually or in sets of two, three, four and six pieces. Add to that the blocks with display are also available.

Its aesthetic blade has very marked winding lines, like the desert dunes that give name to the set, Dune.