DA812 Damascene plate 20 cm

DA812 Damascene plate 20 cm

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Toledo, an imperial city and cradle of handicrafts in Spain, is famous worldwide for its most popular craft, “Damascene”. The master artisans here are capable of creating authentic works of art with their hands, as can only be found in Toledo.

“Mudejar” is a term deriving from the Arabic word “mudayyan”, which means “permitted to remain” and it is used to refer to Spanish Muslims who continued to live in the territories conquered by the Christians and under their political control during the Reconquista, which took place throughout the Middle Ages in the Iberian Peninsula. These Muslims were allowed to continue practicing their religion, using their language and following their customs.

ARTESANÍA MORALES offers you this:

20 cm damascene plate in 24-carat gold, chased entirely by hand by our master artisans.

Toledo was a city that embraced three cultures: Jewish, Muslim and Christian. For many centuries, these three cultures coexisted in the city of Toledo, contributing a wealth of knowledge about handicrafts, architectural styles and ways of life. The Mudejar style is depicted on this plate, which is a mixture of Arab and Christian architectural styles.

This plate is a faithful interpretation of the authentic Mudejar style.

Its composition consists of an outer border with 8 circles in which two types of Arab 8-point stars alternate. The circles are separated by semi-circles containing an acanthus flower. The centre is made up of a central Arab flower, which opens outwards and has a double twelve-point star around it. The artisan's intention with this plate was to create a design in pure Toledo Mudejar style.

  • A gold-coloured brass stand is included with the piece for display.

  • These pieces must only be cleaned with a feather duster to remove dust. Do not use metal-cleaning products, water or cloths.

  • A warranty certificate is included with this work of art.

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