Swept hilt sword (Silvestre Nieto)...
Swept hilt sword (Silvestre Nieto)...
Swept hilt sword (Silvestre Nieto)...

Swept hilt sword (Silvestre Nieto) ES704. Handmade by the last swordsman master in Toledo. Unique piece.

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SILVESTRE NIETO SWEPT HILT SWORD. 16th Century. Handcrafted in carbon steel with an antiqued finish, made by master swordsmith of Toledo, .

Silvestre Nieto was one of the best master swordsmiths in the history of Toledo, and his swords were famous all over Europe. This is a replica of one of his most famous swords, considered a masterpiece.

It is a swept hilt sword, which is a precursor to the rapier. Its elegant blade and beautiful grip made it one of the most sought-after swords of its time.


BLADE. 94 cm long blade, 2.5 cm at the ricasso, 3 cm below the ricasso, and 1 cm at the point. It has a wide fuller along the forte section of the blade with engravings on both sides. Below the fuller, it features four bevels, two on each side. The touchmark, “AA”, appears on the back side of the ricasso. Completely forged and tempered by hand in carbon steel by the master, with an antiqued finish.

SWEPT HILT CROSS GUARD. The cross guard is composed of a quillon with fretwork at either end. There is one larger loop guard and a smaller counterguard loop, each with three fretted circles. The fretted knuckle guard stretches to the pommel, and there is a branch with two plates on the back side.

GRIP. The grip is wire-wrapped with twisted double steel and copper wire, and threaded on the blade tang. It is finished with two smooth iron ferrules at the ends.

POMMEL. The cone-shaped pommel is divided into seven parts by grooves running lengthwise along it. It is finished with a steel finial and threaded onto the blade tang, then riveted to give the sword enhanced strength and resilience.

SCABBARD. Brown leather scabbard made by hand especially for this sword. It consists of three iron pieces: the “brocal”, or locket, made of smooth iron with a button to fit it onto a belt. A smooth iron fitting in the forte section of the sword, and a “batiente”, or chape, also made of smooth iron, covers the point at the end of the scabbard.

Sword handmade by the last swordsman master in Toledo. Unique piece.

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Blade size
94 cm
Total size
111 cm
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113 cm
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