Box set of knives in high-end...

Box set of knives in high-end Damascus steel - MD313C


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It consists of 6 TABLE KNIVES, perfect for barbecues, roasts, or cutting meat of various thicknesses. These knives have a very comfortable handle and offer a clean cut.

Table knife with 12,5 cm blade. Non-serrated straight edge blade to facilitate a perfect, clean, cut of meat. Blade width, 2 mm. In a black wood box

It has a well-balanced, ergonomic, handle made of black G10 (fibreglass) that fits well in the hand, offering comfort and firmness when cutting.

67-layer VG-10 Damascus steel blade. Durable edge, highly resistant to wear. Full tang blade with three rivets in the handle and centre rivet with mosaic design. . 60+-2 HRC.

The six knives come wrapped in a black wood gift case.

  • Keep knives out of the reach of children.

  • Wash by hand (not in the dishwasher) with neutral soap and water after each use and dry with a dish towel.

  • Do not use a scouring pad.

  • Always use wood or medium hard cutting boards.

  • Do not use as a lever.

  • Do not use to cut frozen products.

  • Keep the knife in its original case or in a stand.

  • Do not let the knife mingle with others in a drawer because this can damage the edge and scratch the blade and handle.

  • To sharpen the knife, use a very fine-grained whetstone or a diamond dust knife sharpener, or take it to a reputable professional sharpener.

Damask steel blade that makes each knife a unique piece.
Knives finished by hand by master cutters.


Product Details

Blade size
Table knife 12,5 cm
Wood case: 28 cm x 27,5 cm x 4,5 cm
Weight: 1.464,8 gr
Total size with handle
Table knife 23 cm
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