Complete set of knives in high-end...

Complete set of knives in high-end Damascus steel - TD510S


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This stand holds 6 high-end knives with 67-layer AUS-10 Damascus steel blades of 60+-2 HRC hardness, giving the edge strength, durability and resistance to wear.

It has a well-balanced, ergonomic, handle made of black G10 (fibreglass) that fits well in the hand, offering comfort and firmness when cutting.

67-layer VG-10 Damascus steel blade. Durable edge, highly resistant to wear. Full tang blade with three rivets in the handle and centre rivet with mosaic design. . 60+-2 HRC.

Individually wrapped in a black gift case

With the purchase of this set of knives, the hand-crafted wood stand is FREE OF CHARGE.

PARING knife with 8,5 cm blade and 20,5 cm full length including handle.

Paring knives are small in size and highly versatile. This knife is used mainly for peeling and coring fruits and vegetables, including potatoes.

UTILITY knife with 12,5 cm blade and 23 cm full length including handle.

This product is used for peeling, chopping and trimming food. It is a small, easy-to-use knife.

BREAD, 20 cm blade and 23 cm full length including handle.

Bread is a very special product in our cuisine and a quality knife is needed to cut it. The bread knife has a serrated blade which stops the bread from being squashed and can also be used to cut frozen produce.

CHEF knife with 16 cm blade and 28 cm full length including handle.

This chef’s knife is the smallest of the three sizes we offer. Its versatility undeniably makes it an essential knife for any collection because it can be used for cutting, dicing and chopping everything from vegetables to meat and fish.

CARVING knife with 20 cm blade and 32 cm full length including handle.

This knife is ideal for slicing any kind of food, from fish to meat to cold cuts, and is the best choice for making fillets of any thickness.

CHEF knife with 20 cm blade and 33 cm full length including handle.

This large-sized chef’s knife is a must-have tool that is most commonly used for a range of actions, such as cutting, dicing and chopping vegetables, meat or fish.

  • Keep knives out of the reach of children.

  • Wash by hand (not in the dishwasher) with neutral soap and water after each use and dry with a dish towel.

  • Do not use a scouring pad.

  • Always use wood or medium hard cutting boards.

  • Do not use as a lever.

  • Do not use to cut frozen products.

  • Keep the knife in its original case or in a stand.

  • Do not let the knife mingle with others in a drawer because this can damage the edge and scratch the blade and handle.

  • To sharpen the knife, use a very fine-grained whetstone or a diamond dust knife sharpener, or take it to a reputable professional sharpener.

Damask steel blade that makes each knife a unique piece.
Knives finished by hand by master cutters.


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