The beauty and quality of damask steel knives: the DUNA series, the starting point of Artesanía Morales

The sinuous lines that make up the blade are actually the 67 layers of steel, which as they are forged, decrease the thickness of the blade, from the spine to the tip of the edge. The combination of the hardness of a very hard steel and the elasticity of a softer steel, as well as the processing technique of the blades that make up the blade, make cutting food a simple and pleasant task, achieving great precision.

If you are a cooking student, a family chef, a professional, or simply passionate about cooking and want to have a good tool in your kitchen, these pieces from the Duna series (See Duna series knives) are one of the best options for you, your friends, family or simply to make an original and very useful gift.

Author: Ana María Zaharía

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