Damascus Steel folding knives

A folding knife is a knife with a movable blade, in which the edge can be folded and stored inside a slit in the handle or between the two panels that make up the handle. The folding knife, or navaja in Spanish, derives from the Latin, “novacula”, which refers to a small knife. Folding knives arose in Spain in the late 16th century after Charles III prohibited everyone except the nobility from carrying long-bladed weapons (particularly swords); besides being small, they were much easier to use and less expensive than swords. From Spain, exports to the rest of Europe quickly spread, as it rose to popularity. Pocket knives, as we know them today, have been used by humans since times of old. The reasons why someone today might want a good pocket knife are numerous: for use in the wild, for cutting food of all kinds, to have on hand just in case, or as part of a collection. In addition to the basic essential features, some folding knives also have exclusive distinguishing traits, such as DAMASCUS STEEL in combination with exotic wood, natural horn or seashell, to create a series of models whose exclusivity, finishing touches and beauty tell of the quality and handicraft involved in producing them. Whether in combination with deer antler or bull horn, mother of pearl or abalone, nickel silver, brass, or even advanced synthetic composites, our folding knives can be found in highly modern designs, while more classical shapes are predominant. Our Damascus steel folding knives are highly valued by hunters and collectors of this product. The 71 layers of steel in the blade afford beauty, strength and durability to the edge, thus ensuring that it remains sharp for a very long time. Therefore, these are truly unique pieces, as no two blades are alike. ARTESANÍA MORALES has a large collection of Damascus steel folding knives with an extensive range of assorted handles in wood, deer antler, buffalo horn, mother of pearl and abalone.
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