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The artisan hand-forged swords of Toledo date back to Roman times.


Damascus Steel kitchen knives are the indispensable utensil for those who enjoy spending time between stoves.


Hand-forged daggers usually have a double edge and guard to protect the fist.

Folding knives

The folding knives in Damascus Steel by Artesanía Morales are unique pieces for quality and finish.


Artesanía Morales offers you its authentic artisan damaskings in 24 Carat Gold.

Hand forged in Toledo

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Millennial city of master gunsmiths

The Toledo Sword

The quality of Toledo steel resides in the skill of the artisans and the secret way it is tempered, ascribed to the waters of the Tagus River, where this process took place. The high temperature of the tempering process and the quality of the steel make the swords of Toledo unique the world over.

The extraordinary strength of these pieces and their exquisite hilts won over some of the most important figures in history, placing these beautiful weapons among their most prized possessions.
The composition, tempering and design of these swords was always shrouded in secrecy, passed on from sword-making artisans to their sons, which led kings and heads of state from around the world, and even a Japanese samurai seeking the best quality weapons, to have their weapons manufactured in the city of Toledo.

Master gunsmiths of the ancient city of Toledo, continue with the tradition of handcrafting and totally artisanal of the authentic Sword of Toledo.

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A reference in Toledana Crafts

Artesanía Morales

Our company was founded in 1952 by Juan Morales Galán and is currently run by his son, José Luis Morales Peña. Dating back more than 65 years, ARTESANÍA MORALES stands out for its long-running experience in the marketing, production and sale of high-quality gift items and handicrafts

Craftsmanship with a flawless finish

Artesanía Morales, your Toledo handicraft store and exclusive gifts

Artesanía Morales offers you a wide range of possibilities to make a unique and exclusive gift. All our crafts have been created by our master craftsmen taking care of even the smallest detail, which gives it the quality and finish of Artesanía Morales.

Damascus Steel

Damascus steel is based on a type of steel manufactured in India, which then spread across the world until it reached Damascus. The large numbers of swordsmiths working in the capital of Syria expanded the ways of manufacturing Damascus steel, managing to create a durable, unbreakable, type of steel. Thus, arose Damascus steel, also known as damascened steel.

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