TREE OF LIFE Toledo, the imperial city and the cradle of craftsmanship in Spain, is known worldwide for its craftsmanship, most popular "The Damascene". Master craftsmen are works of art, such as the tree of life, symbol of life itself. This is our version in the following way: we are born from the seed, we grow up surrounded by family and friends who channel us like the trunk of a tree; The branches represent our decision making and the paths we follow in our life. In many cultures, the tree of life indicates the union between humans and God. There are many interpretations of what the tree means according to different cultures. One of them is defined as an element of protection and shelter, and is considered as a sacred element. Its roots penetrate the earth towards the underworld and the unknown, while its branches extend to the sky. The trunk is the means to ascend upwards and the element that connects the three worlds: the underworld, heaven and earth. In our place, we will find the pendants and earrings of the Tree of Life in 24 carat gold, silver or combining the two materials, with or without Swarovski crystals. Worked entirely by hand, these pieces are delicately set in a mount, plated in gold or silver, for the shape of the tree that is prepared for 24 carat gold. After being reviewed by hand by the master craftsman and in some cases with Swarovski crystal stones. Finally, they are assembled in a frame plated in gold or silver. They are accompanied by a black silk cord.
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