Mediterráneo Series knives

-MEDITERRANEAN SERIES- DAMASCUS STEEL VG-10, HRC.60+-2 From the Mediterranean basin and with a richness from the sea which sustains the traditional dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, we bring you the Mediterranean knife collection. With the almost perfect edge and the fibreglass handle, these knives identify what the British writer Elizabeth David called the ‘cuisine from the shores of the Mediterranean’. The eight knives which make up the Mediterranean collection can be used to create any type of dish, as well as perform any preparation work, with no cultural or gastronomical boundaries, but always in synergy with the climate, the historical legacy and the importance of the Mediterranean sea. The knives in the Mediterranean collection are characterised, apart from their meticulous handicraft, by the balance they provide. The centre of gravity lies at the point where the blade and the handle join, complementing and assisting in the preparation of good food with greater speed and precision.
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