Duna Series knives

-DUNA SERIES- DAMASCUS STEEL 440C HRC. 60 The knives of the Duna series are manufactured using the technique of Damascus steel with 67 sheets of steel 440C and a straight handle, composed of a very resistant material called "Micarta". On the other hand, they are very sharp pieces taking advantage of this way, the advantages of cold tempering and thus achieving the highest degree of hardness. Its leaf of great aesthetic value, due to the manufacturing process, has very sharp sinuous lines that remind us of the desert dunes. Hence the name of the series. The range of Duna knives is very wide, with many models and sizes, all this forming "a perfect set for an ideal kitchen". The pieces of the Duna series can be obtained individually or in two or three piece cases. To this the blocks with exhibitor are united.
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