Hand forged swords

Sword-making in Toledo dates back to the Roman era, but it was while under Arabic rule, and during the reconquista, that Toledo and its swordsmiths played a fundamental role. This art had moments of great splendour, especially between the 15th and 18th centuries, and the weapons made in Toledo were considered to be the best quality in the whole of Europe. After the Reconquista, Toledo emerged as the greatest sword-making centre in the world, thanks to the innovative thinking behind a new Toledo sword with a “Soul of iron”, the best swords used between the 15th and 18th centuries. The swordsmiths of Toledo have always worked with those of Damascus, who created a technique to make durable, unbreakable steel, named "damascened steel" or "damascus steel". The masters in Toledo researched this technique and invented the sword with a "Soul of Iron", which consisted of a durable steel sword concealing a wrought iron strip that prevented the blade from bending or cracking. These swords quickly rose in fame and European swordsmiths used to buy the blades from Toledo before altering them to fit their own hilts. In Toledo, the swordsmiths had a hallmark which they used to mark each blade as being an authentic, quality product. They also engraved their name on the blade, giving both the sword and its wielder prestige. ****If the sword you would like to buy is out of stock, the estimated time for a new piece to be made is approximately 20 days.****
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